Industrial Training Institute(ITC)

1. Boys Town was established by Montfort Brothers in 1955 as an Orphanage for the education skill training and rehabilitation of orphans destitute, early school leavers, and other exploited children and youths. These children learn to be proficient in one of the trades in the Industrial Training Institution. Admission to this institution is based solely on the economic background of the applicant. Hence the more needy a child is for help, the surer he can be of a warm welcome to the institution, irrespective of his caste, creed, religion or cultural background.

2. Those youth and children who have the required academic qualification are admitted into the ITI in the following 12 NCVT trades.

1. Machinist(Composite)
2. Machinist Grinder
3. Fitter
4. Turner
5. Electrician
6. IT & ESM (Information Technology & Electronic System Maintenance)
7. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
8. Welder
9. Carpenter
10. LOMM (Litho Offset Machine Minder)
11. COPA (Computer Operator & Programming Assistant)
12. Cutting & Sewing

3. The training is offered free of cost. And today, for the past 60 years since it came into being, we have an institution that can proudly proclaim that, within its walls, service is rendered in a spirit of love, care and dedication.

4. The trainees here are prepared for the All India Trade Test. While training according to the prescribed curriculum, the trainees are also required to execute actual job works, the type of which they would be required to do when employed after training. Hence besides being a training centre, Boys Town ITC is also a production centre and the proceeds from the works undertaken go in for maintaining and supporting the Institution itself.

5. Boys Town ITI always had a record of very high internal efficiency with all allotted seats being filled. Besides the NCVT groups this Institution is also training groups of youth who are early school leavers, and other exploited youth and children in need of such help. Today nearly 620 students train in the ITI each year, which is almost twice the seat allotted under the NCVT scheme. In terms of internal efficiency which denotes capacity utilization, Boys Town has an efficiency rating of nearly 200%, if capacity for formal training is considered as basic capacity for intake.

6. External efficiency which is the criteria of employability and self-employment has been very high. Boys Town receives each year more requests from industries for trained youth than are on the rolls of the Institute. Both the formal NCVT students and those accredited by Boys Town as Non-Formal trainees find ready and good employment on completion of their training

7. Non-Formal Training for early school Leavers: From the very beginning Boys Town had a programme of training early school leavers who form nearly 85% of our youth and who have no possibility of admission to the formal education. We consider service to this majority of youth who also usually belong to the marginalized sections of society not only as a task in skill training, but also as vital for sustaining the economic and socio-political fabric of our nation. We have expanded the capacity of training such youth and today they form more than half the number of trainees in the Institution. It is also to be noted that Boys Town has Pioneered Training for these children in the more employable traders like Machinist, Turner, Fitter, Electrician, etc. The hundreds who have benefitted from this programme are well employed. Today there are more than 250 such trainees in Boys Town. This programme will see a major expansion in the coming years.

8. Self-sustainability in professional training has remained an unattainable dream for much Instruction including the government Institution. Boys Town has a different story to tell. This institution achieved the rare distinction of financial sustainability a few years after it was established. Expect for heavy infrastructure which requires huge financial investment, this Centre has been able to meet its own financial requirements from Internally generated resources, Receiving no grant or aid from external sources, we have evolved a structure and system of self-sustainability; a culture of self-help; a culture of the management, staff and students working together which not only is a bold statement about economic management but is also a bolder statement about formation of the young with self-esteem, confidence and discipline, skill and competence towards nation-building. We are honestly proud of this rare distinction which makes Boys Town uniquely different from Institution of this nature. This concept and practice is a paradigmatic and unique contribution we make in our chosen field.

9. Institutional self-sustainability is also the medium we use to inculcate a sense and culture of self-help in our trainees. In and around Hyderabad there are many small and medium Industries owned by our ex-trainees, built up by their own hard work and discipline. We are proud of their enterprising achievements and we hope many more will follow their example.

10. This rare distinction is achieved through an understanding that every effort can be tuned for the common good. Our facilities and resources are used for supplying precision machined components, for manufacture and fabrication of furniture’s in steel and wood, for repair and maintenance of electrical equipments and appliances, and for multi color printing of Books, magazines calendars, and stationary .Boys Town has prepared its own publications titled as “Montfort Publications”. Text Books from LKG to 4th standard are printed and supplied all over the Country. These books have tremendous demand and rated as one of the best publications

11. The sustainability of this programme is built around collaboration with Industry and Institution. Industries like BHEL, Lokesh Machine Tool and govt organization like Osmania University, Agricultural University, Ambedkar Open University, and numerous other educational institutions collaborate with us by entrusting to us the manufacture and supply of materials and equipments they require. We are indebted to them for their trust in our competence and we hope we will e able to expand on the present levels of such collaboration.

12. As regards the quality of training, it is acknowledged by all that Boys Town stands among the very best in the state of Andhra Pradesh and one of the best in the country. In the year 2006 the Commissioner of Employment and Training AP visited Boys Town and on observing the system of training and production in Boys Town, he wanted all the Principals of Govt ITI’s in AP, to observe the method followed in Boys Town ITC. We also organized a 3 day session in batches for all the Principles of govt ITI in Andhra Pradesh to study the system in Boys Town.

13. Many are the awards bestowed on Boys Town by different organizations. Bharat Heavy Electricals (BHEL) Hyderabad had given Boys Town ITC a Best Vendor Award since 2002 onwards. SKIP India (organization of private ITC’s in India) had bestowed center of excellence award for Boys Town in 2011 with a cash prize of Rs. 3,00,000 (Three lakhs)

14. Integrated training for the Hearing Impaired is yet another milestone in the history of Boys Town: In April 2003, Boys Town entered into an agreement with “The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment” Govt. of India to pioneer the first ever integrated training program in Asia for the hearing impaired youth. A total of 100 hearing impaired boys and girls are admitted into the regular training programs, which are trained along with normal trainee in seven trades. This inclusive training has given confidence in each of the hearing impaired and they believe that they are on par with normal trainees to become skilled workers

15. Partnership and Collaboration: Our march towards empowering the children and youth is a success story only because of the numerous partners and collaborators who support us in the job placement of the trained youth to decent employment for leaving a dignified life. Apart from the many small and medium industries who employ our trained youth. We also have memorandum of understanding with the below given Industries and Institutions.

a) MOU with AYJNIHH Bombay for integrated vocational training centre for Adult Deaf – (TCAD)
b) MOU with Mahendra & Mahendra for on Job Training and Placement
c) MOU with NCLP-ILO for Skill Training and Rehabilitation
d) MOU with Tata Projects for Skill Development and Placements
e) MOU with OMCAP(Overseas Manpower Company of AP) for Placements
f) MOU with Godrej
(i) For training in Refrigeration and Air Conditionong
(ii) For running the Beautician Training Centre
g) Collaboration with Keolis, Metro - Hyderabd

16. Collaboration with ILO for the rehabilitation of child laborers and street children is another successful venture of Boys Town. This programme was sponsored by ILO and NCLP and more than 400 child laborers and unequal numbers of street children have benefited from this program which was launched in Boys Town in the presence of the following dignitaries: Ms. Leyla Tegmo Reddy, Director ILO, Shri R.V. Chandravadan, I.A.S., Collector of Hyderabad and Mrs. Rani Kumudini I.A.S. Project Manager, I.L.O., A.P.

17. The Hostel in the Boys Town can be aptly termed as ‘A Home Away from Home’ because of the love, care and concern the Brothers shower on the inmates. It’s not exaggeration that even after completion of their studies sometimes the children are reluctant to go from Boys Town. The Boys Home accommodates nearly 500 students. A well planned time table and strict discipline ensure that children focus on constructive activity. The inmates work, play and study in equal measure.

18. Every achievement of this Institution is a testament to the dedication and commitment of its staff that carry the trainees along in every aspect of life in the Institute. Their hard work, their multidiscipline proficiency in training and production, quality control, etc, is at the very heart of the success of this Institution. We appreciate the members of our staff, who are our collaborators for their exemplary commitment and dedication that is often beyond and over above the call of duty and is more a service, self-less service to the cause we have together embraced as our mission here.

19. Conclusion: Boys Town plays a major role in building the Nation by Empowering Young Men and Women. Boys Town rehabilitates every year over 500 families through Skill Training. Empowers men and women through Employment assurance to all who complete the Training.