Boys Town Industrial Training Institute

Industrial Training Institute

St. Mark's Boys Town High School

Boys Town High School

St. Mark's Boys Town CBSE School

Boys Town CBSE School

Boys Town - At a Glance

A free boys home with over 500 deprived and orphan children
A high school with 3,600 students
A free industrial training centre for 750 deprived and orphan children
A women training centre
Integratedtraingin centre for the Handicapped
Appropriate Technology training centre for rural women
Integrated training centre for adult deaf & Dumb

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From Deprivation to Dignity

who we are

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what we do

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We are a full service interactive agency and web application development firm with full team built to handle your specific challenges.

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how we do it

When we know about you and the people using your products and services, we know how to deliver a successful solution for everyone.

Once we know your goals, we find the right combination of browser, mobile, social and email to develop the strategy that is right for you.

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Online Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization

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About Us

Boys Town

The Montfort Brothers arrived in India 100 years ago. They had their origins in France more than 300 years ago. They are dedicated to the cause of children and youth through education and training, especially for the poor and disadvantaged children. In Europe, in the 18th and 19th Centuries they pioneered the education and training...


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